Large scale fixed income trading, financing and settlement

Matrix hosts TradeBlazer®, a highly-regarded fixed income trading, settlement and clearance system for financial institutions. The system integrates trading, accounting, credit, risk management, settlement, and clearing functions to provide comprehensive straight-through trade processing support for front, middle and back-office transactions.

In this overview, you will learn more about:
  • Comprehensive Trade Processing Support -- cost-effective for the demanding securities processing needs of all Broker/Dealers and Hedge Funds.
  • Sophisticated Financing and Funding – the most advanced finance desk functionality on the street.
  • Accounting & Compliance -- multi-currency, multi-entity trade processing system with real-time, automated creation and reconciliation of general ledger entries.
  • Clearance & External Links -- seamlessly supports straight-through processing of receive/deliver activities, typically without manual intervention.
  • Engineered to deliver exceptional performance for mid-sized firms and large multi-nationals.